What Are The Appliances That Use The Most Electricity?

What Are The Appliances That Use The Most Electricity?

Electrical appliances have inundated the market and grown in leaps and bounds; from cooling systems to heaters. This no doubt has increased the consumption of electricity and in the present-day crisis with electricity rates increasing, households are finding it extremely difficult to literally “make ends meet” when it comes to paying exorbitant electricity bills. The familiar sound of electrical appliances buzzing and humming around households has become a phenomenon in daily life.

No matter how electricity escalates with electrical appliances in operation each day, the latter is a necessity in all homes so that daily tasks and chores are taken care of. Indeed, the operational costs of these electrical appliances are high.  Although we don’t always notice them, these appliances are around and play a significant role in day-to-day duties in a household.  While many home appliances take a great deal of energy, there are a few that utilize significantly more than the rest. Given below are the appliances that utilize the most electricity in the house and you can gauge which ones take on the most electricity

  1. Heating

The usage of heat in homes is important to maintain the internal climate with the temperatures constantly falling in a steady decline for many. In contrast to the cooling that houses could provide, the usage of heating inside places is many times more expensive.

  1. Air-conditioners

Another method of temperature control inside our homes is by employing air conditioners to bring about a cooled atmosphere. For example, in tropical countries, air conditioners are used extensively due to the heat both during the morning and night. This indeed increases the electricity usage. In countries that experience warmer months, air conditioners are used extensively so that the homes are cooled.

  1. Water Geysers

The cost of regulating the warmth of your water is second only to the cost of regulating the temperatures of your surroundings. the hot water geyser and hot water heaters, come in tank and tankless models and different sizes, is in charge of this task. Tankless heaters use much less energy than traditional heaters because they heat water through a coil system inside the appliance. Water must be heated and stored for use in tank-based systems. Water heaters can be used for everything including showers to laundering clothes, and they consume a great deal of electricity in the meantime.

  1. Washing Machines and Driers

Washing machines are used extensively in homes on a daily basis and takes up an enormous amount of energy. Leaving aside heaters and air conditioners including water heaters, washing machines are a necessity in a household on a daily basis.

  1. Electrical Bulbs

The lights and fittings that transform energy to illumination are the most noticeable electricity users in our houses. Because for many people, their deeply ingrained behaviors only serve to aggravate overall consumption, since keeping lights running or using an inordinate number at a particular time both lead to higher electricity consumption. Fortunately, there are numerous ways to save money on lighting.

  1. Refrigerators

The fridge is responsible for running on energy all day, every day in order to keep your food and other perishable items safe. The refrigerator is taking a substantial amount of electricity as a result of this. If your home has a number of refrigerators or a refrigerator that has been used for a long time, then this will only add to your electricity usage.

  1. Electric Oven

Ovens take up a plethora of energy when it is time to prepare meals. There are ovens that assist in warming dishes, and some ovens that have inbuilt features such as cleaning capabilities, that assist in supporting the processes of preparing meals effortless. For all this electricity is the main component that is required. When the heat from the ovens encircles the home, next comes on the air conditioners to cool off this heat, and eventually the hidden hand of exorbitant electricity bills takeover.

  1. Computers and TVs

Every home has a computer or computers including laptops, and although these do not consume much electricity it does add to the overall electricity consumption of the home. Even TVs do not take much electricity, but just like computers, they add to the daily consumption.


Having pointed out the appliances that use the most electricity we will come back to you on how you save energy, even whilst using these appliances. So stay tuned to our blogs and you will find out.