5-Tips To Choosing A Good Electrical Contractor

5-Tips To Choosing A Good Electrical Contractor

When it comes to electrical systems, the risks which surround the tasks that entail these systems are immense. Hence, it is imperative that professionally qualified and experienced electrical contractors are employed to carry out such tasks. It is of utmost importance that the credentials of the electricians supplied by the electrical contractor are verified. When and if you need to choose an electrical contractor for tasks to be performed in your home or office, following the 5 tips we have discussed below.

Employ Professionally Qualified Electricians Through a Licensed Electrical Contractor

Working on wiring, power points, transformers, restoring damaged fittings, and changing broken plugs are just a few examples of standard electrical installation or maintenance.

Call a professional electrician if you need any of these repairs done on your property. It’s recommended to keep electrical concerns to the professionals unless you already have practical experience or qualified electrical engineering training. Do not try an electrical repair on your own or watch YouTube videos in attending to electrical issues at home or in your office. It is always best to stay safe than regret it at the end of the day.

Check the Electrical Contractor’s and Electrician’s Licenses

It is of paramount importance that electrical contractors and electricians possess a license to conduct their business.  An Electrical Contractor’s license is a “must” under the Electrical Safety Act 2002. Always check if the following has been complied with:-

  • That the electrical contractor has an electrician’s license.
  • That the electrical contractor has taken out insurance from a responsible and reputable insurance company.
  • That compliant electrical work has been carried out to the satisfaction of authorities.
  • That the Electrical Contractor Training Programme has been successfully completed.

Depending on the state, the above criterion needs to be followed and it is of paramount importance that you do not employ electrical contractors who do not comply with the above.

The normal licenses are license (A) and Registered Electrical Contractors License (REC). An electrician’s license verifies that he or she has finished all of the required training, apprenticeship, and on-the-job expertise. Conversely, an electrician’s REC license certifies that he or she is qualified to perform electrical work in a legal, honest, and equitable manner.

When an electrician completes a project, they must issue a Certificate of Electrical Compliance, which certifies that the work complies with all applicable state and federal requirements.

Verify Credentials and Training

When electricians are interviewed it is imperative that you go through their past records and what type of training they have received. The certifications and maybe reviews of clients are of utmost importance. Never be afraid to ask the electricians where they had worked previously so that you could contact those clients and ask for references. Remember that this particular area which deals in electricity and electrical is a very risky area and needs utmost expertise when it comes to employing electricians to carry out your job.

Verify Electricians work on both industrial and household projects

Hiring unskilled and incompetent electricians, especially if they come from an electrical contractor’s company, is extremely unsafe. It is the electrical contractor’s job to ensure that he or she hires electricians who have been trained and have experience working on electrical projects. Before the electrical contractor assigns an electrician to the project, you have the authority to examine the electrician’s qualifications. It is advisable to request the electrician’s application as well as any appropriate training and certificates.


The most important of all, even more important than certifications and qualifications is references from clients who have employed the relevant electrician to carry out projects for them. Reviews are of utmost importance and it is through these reviews and by contacting clients who have used the electrician’s services that one can receive firsthand information on the work done. Employing an electrician who does not have references from clients that he or she has worked for, is a very risky thing, as it one does not know the abilities of the electrician and whether he could handle a project properly, without any risks to the client.


Finally, always have a contract agreement in hand which has to be signed by the electrical contractor as well as the electrician. The contract needs to be drafted by a professional person who will incorporate all details so as to bind the electrical contractor and the electrician, in case there is an issue regarding the services provided. It is best to have all points covered.