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Home Maintenance Services


We can solve anything that has to do with power distribution and electricity! Our licensed and insured electricians take pleasure in their work and deliver high-quality results. Please contact us to discuss the maintenance and dependability of your equipment and power systems. Adding an electrical maintenance service agreement to your property has a number of appealing advantages. The maintenance of electrical equipment is an important part of a home or office. Stay safe and think safe with EMG Electrical

Emergency Breakdown

When an asset or piece of equipment experiences an unexpected failure or change in condition that poses a direct threat to health and safety, emergency maintenance (also known as equipment failure) is required. Corrective and reactive maintenance are two examples of unexpected breakdown maintenance. When a fault happens during planned routine maintenance occurrences, corrective maintenance is undertaken.

Solar System

Your solar panel system should be maintained on a regular basis to guarantee that the panels are clean, secure, and defect-free. No pieces have rusted or degraded. There is no debris in the vents. Although Solar Systems require little maintenance, it is important that your solar systems are services and maintained by experts, due to the fact that cleaning and maintaining a solar system is not a job to be taken on by non-professionals.

Appliance Installation

Our services in appliance installation will cover delivery, installation and connecting appliances. We also carry out replacements of appliances that have been damaged or if you need to repair appliances, this too can be handled by our expert team. Appliances connected to cooking, refrigeration, laundry, air conditioning, and dishwashers can be installed by us. Our services extend to after installation services as well.

Surge Protector

A surge protector’s average life span is around 3 to 5 years. However, if you experience a frequency of power outages, you will need to have your surge protector replaced every two years. At EMJ our experts undertake to have your surge protectors maintained regularly so that you will be aware of how it is functioning. Remember, that a properly maintained surge protector will protect your electrical appliances from malfunctioning or total failure.

Digital Communication

Digital communication has taken the world by storm today and maintenance of a digital communication system is of utmost importance to your organization. Whether it is analog to digital or a single site to a multi-site, our expert team is totally qualified to bring to you a service for a full range of communication systems. A well maintained digital communication system is what we can guarantee through our expert team.

On-Call Electrical Maintenance

One is not sure when electrical appliances will fail or you may have a breakdown of electricity in your home or office. Before, during, and after the job is completed, we will walk you through the process to ensure your complete satisfaction. Our team is available 24/7 and will attend to electrical breakdowns in next to no time. Furthermore, it is a very good thing to join our Service Agreement and have your entire systems maintained, with no extra cost.

Experience Our Maintenance Solution That Tailored To Your Needs

Maintenance of electrical equipment is out utmost importance to homes and offices. Our maintenance programmes brings about great ideas that would enhance the safety of your home or office. Having malfunctioning equipment is the worst thing to turn a great idea into a heap of ash. It does not take long for that to happen. Hence our ideas and advice would hold our clients in good stead and protect their equipment from disaster.