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Home Installation Services


Installation services offered by us are extensive and covers Solar Installation, New House Wiring, Lighting Design, CCTV Camera, Smart Lighting and Electrical Panel Upgrades. You will no doubt be amazed at the efficiency of our services as we go on to explain each of them.

Solar Installation

We are experts and professionals in the field of solar installation with a wide number of years’ experience will assist you from the inception of checking on the one energy’s efficiency to installation of the system. Our services come with a warranty and we can vouch for the entire system, where it is for your home or office. We also investigate your solar range potential. In short we give you a “package” service.

New House Wiring

Everyone looks for safety in your new home. Our experts in the field are equipped with the knowledge and know-how of new house wiring and would confer with your before taking on the job. New house wiring in the modern times Nonmetallic (NM) cable, typically comprises of two or more separate wires wrapped inside a plastic cover sheathing, is the most commonly used type of wiring in newer houses.

Lighting Design

Illuminating the activity on stage is one of the most significant roles of lighting design. Lighting is required so that the public can see what is going on properly. Our electricians are experienced in the field of lighting designs and will first discuss your needs, providing suggestions, if required. Lighting has the potential to influence customer happiness, security, protection, aesthetic judgment, and social interaction.

CCTV Camera

Today, security is of utmost importance in homes and offices. CCTV Cameras help detect robberies and even vehicle accidents, crimes and other issues that happen around. Our experienced team will assure that your home and office are protected to the utmost, with reliable installation procedures of CCTV Cameras. Our team of electricians will discuss your needs and provide you with a unique solution.

Smart Lighting

What is smart lighting and how does it work? Smart lighting is a cutting-edge method of illuminating your home. Smart LED bulbs have software that links to an application, home automation assistant, or even other smart accessory, allowing you to regulate or control your lights wirelessly, rather than using standard wall switches. We have an experienced team of electricians who will provide you with ideas for a unique solution.

Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electrical Panel Upgrades can be expensive, but in the long term it is an important and useful thing. This beneficial to your house's safety, but they can also increase the selling value of your home and attract additional interest. Depending on your home's energy requirements, the age and power of the present panel, whether the panel is damaged, and other variables, improving your electrical panel might imply a variety of things.

We Offer Commercial and Residential Electrical Installation

No matter what your requirement is, you are the best judge of what you require for your home or office and how it should be carried out. At EMJ, we are equipped with expertise and know-how to carry out your requirements. Dreams are turned into ideas and we are there to make it a reality. Hence your project no matter what of the above you need to carry out with be done with thorough expertise and dedication.