Must Read Safety Tips For Outdoor Holiday Lights

Must Read Safety Tips For Outdoor Holiday Lights

When one speaks of outdoor holiday lights, we direct them to Christmas Lighting fixtures. However, this can change and we may have outdoor lighting in homes for weddings, parties, and get-togethers, while in a business it would be the illumination of outside signboards and associated lighting fixtures. Lights play an important and integral role in illuminating the exterior of a house or business when it comes to a celebration of any kind. To be safe and not sorry we discuss the safety measures that should be adhered to when employing outdoor holiday lights.

Lighting for Indoor and Outdoor Celebrations

  • Before installing any wires or light strings, make sure they are free of any damage.
  • When it comes to illumination, LEDs are more energy-efficient and run cooler than traditional lightbulbs.
  • When it comes to connecting light strings to your home, plastic clips are the best option. Staples do have the potential to harm the strings.
  • Children and pets are the most exposed to risks, so you should put limitations in place when there is direct contact with switches and other potentially dangerous situations..
  • A fire can emanate if you overload outlets with a number of devices.
  • GFCI outlets should be utilized when connecting exterior lights.
  • Be absolutely sure that your electrical cords do not come in contact with door hinges and furniture which will cause hard to the cords, resulting in disastrous issues taking place.
  • All cord connections which are outdoors needed to be kept dry. They should be elevated above the ground and conduit or waterproof cord covers need to be employed so that the connections are protected.
  • All lighting strand connections should be limited to bunches of three. If anything more than this is used, it can bring about major issues. Hence, plan all decorating prior.
  • All décor needs to be unplugged prior to bulbs or fuses being replaced.
  • Always switch off holiday lights before retiring to bed or leaving home
  • Always remember to patronize reputed dealers of electrical decorations. If you find that your electrical decorations are wearing off, always discard them and do not attempt to use them.
  • Always see that outdoor lights are secured firmly to trees or walls and that they are protected from wind, which could cause a hazard.

Xmas Trees Illumination

  • Fireplaces and heaters are the major components of fire erupting. Hence Xmas trees should be kept away from them.
  • Prior to actually inserting a live tree into a tree stand with water, shave a few centimeters off the bottom to ensure the tree receives the liquid. Every day, refill the water in the stand so it doesn’t drain out.
  • When purchasing a live tree always get the fresh ones as the trees will remain “alive” for a longer period and will not pose a hazard.
  • When Xmas trees are illuminated with strings of lights, be aware that the heat could have an effect on the trees, whether the trees are plastic or live ones.
  • Do not place illuminations under decorative bells, as the heat could start a fire.
  • After you’ve taken down the lights, make sure you preserve them properly. Defective wires and plugs can result from twisted lighting. They’re also difficult to separate. Tie the threads together around a bit of cardboard, drape them in paper or cloth, and preserve them till the following year in a strong case.

Exposed Flames

  • Battery-operated candles are the best, instead of the natural lighted ones as the former will not pose a hazard or start a fire.
  • If you need to use natural lighted candles, keep them away from curtains and windows.
  • All candles should be kept alight within visible distance so that any one of your family could see if a hazard occurs.
  • Fireplaces should be extinguished prior to leaving the room or retiring to bed as sparks can fly and start a fire.

Extinguishers (Fire)

Fire extinguishers are an important part of the home and office. If you are not in possession of fire extinguishers, get one or several depending on the area of your home or office. Make sure that you check the labels on the fire extinguishers for expiry dates and substance compositions. Also, gauges need to be checked regularly to see whether they are functioning properly. All fire extinguishers need to be replaced at least every 5 years. Also, note that you need to contact a reputable company that deals in fire extinguishers. These companies will conduct training on the use of fire extinguishers.


Illumination is a beautiful thing to look at, but there is also the important thing of being safe when illuminating. No one can take a chance and see your entire home or office being brought down to ashes. It is best to follow the rules we have given and you can rest assured you will enjoy your illuminations.