A Guide To Purchasing Energy Efficient Led Strip Lights

A Guide To Purchasing Energy Efficient Led Strip Lights

LED strip lights are significantly more energy-efficient than traditional Christmas lights, requiring only a fraction of the energy they consume. Outdoor LED Christmas lights are cooler, last for 40 holiday seasons, and use 75% less energy than traditional decorative lighting. LED Strip lights are becoming immensely popular for household illumination. You’ve presumably heard the arguments for LEDs over traditional and even fluorescent lighting: they’re quite cost-effective, brighter, last longer, emit less heat, are easy to control and program…the list goes on and on. LEDs come in incredibly compact packages that are both durable and stress resistant, allowing them to be employed in a variety of applications.

Understanding which input voltage your LED Strips need is the initial step in finding a power source. The strips available can be powered by the plug-in, 12V, or 24VDC… Simply determine whatever the strip requires and look for an electrical supply with that wattage. Next, make absolutely sure the current supply’s wattage is at a minimum of 10% more than the wattage that will be the requirement of the LED strips. If your power supply does not have a wattage stated on it keep in mind that: Output Voltage X Amperage = Wattage of your power supply.

Purchasing LED Strips

The primary requirement when purchasing LED strips is to find out the amount of LED strips as per the length. The LEDs should be evenly placed and not far apart as the latter would cause a lower lighting output with spotting.  There can be a bit of confusion as producers use different points of measurement when advertising their products.  It is recommended that purchasers look for a static line of measurement and then do a quick calculation to find out the number of strips in a particular unit of measurement. One must be aware that this process is not exclusive to purchasing LED strips. There is also the point of the quality of lighting and brightness as well.

Brightness in LED Strips

As technology in the LED strips enhances, the Strips have a tendency to reach a brighter output. This does not imply that all strips would be extremely brilliant; in fact, in some circumstances, the light may not even be desired. Ambient light inside a rack is one instance of this.

Lumens are used to measure the brightness in LED strip lights.  The number of lumens you would require depends on how you would employ LED strip lights. Accent lighting does not need anything more than 200 lumens per foot. However, it depends on your choice and preferences. Hence, be absolutely sure that you note the lumens and length on par with the LEDs and length. This is necessary as it will have an impact on the quality of light and what light the strips emanate.

Colors of LED Strips

LED strips have a number of colors that can be taken on a single basis or multiple bases.  The basics of LED lights comprise a single color that will produce only one color. RGB is what color-changing strips are referred to.  This is because these LEDs have a Red Green and Blue color combination. However, a controller is necessary to operate these strips, which can either be in flashes or static in one color.

LED Strip Lights Installation

When purchasing light strips for a specific purpose, you really should have a plan in mind for how you could install and configure them. It’s as simple as removing the sticky covering off some strips, such as the DC LED Flex Strips, and adhering these to a smooth surface. Other installations, such as installing, trimming, and connecting wiring strips, can be far more complicated. Here are some things to keep in mind at all times;

  • Be aware of the overall length of LED strips that are required
  • Be aware of the number of “breaks” that would be a part of the lights and the number of individual strips that you will need.
  • Be aware of the power of the strips along with the requirements voltage-wise.
  • Look at whether you will need other elements or any additional wire
  • Have a rough idea of how you will operate the strips. For example, in diming and controlling the strips.
  • Analyze the durability of the strips. For example, whether they are waterproof.

The wattage of LED Strips

An important factor in purchasing LED Strips is that you are aware of the wattage.  You need to know the wattage of the system you will be employed to decide on the wattage of the LED Strips.


LED Strip lights even though they are popular and much better than Christmas Lights, it is always good to follow our advice when purchasing them.  Wattage is a very important part of procuring LED Strip Lights and this has to be meticulously looked at.