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Home Electrical Wiring


We offer solutions to electrical wiring pertaining to homes and offices and other buildings of high caliber systems. Our team of expert Electricians will visit clients to discuss the types of electrical wiring that is needed and advise clients on what is appropriate in line with their needs. The materials used to wire interior systems in buildings differ and depends on three factors, which are the circuit’s planned function and the quantity of electricity it consumes, national and community rule are based on the kind of tenancy and the dimension of the structure and the setting wherein the wiring should function. All raw materials are quality branded and manufactured to stringent quality standards according to modern requirements.

Your Safety is Our Responsibility

Electrical wiring is not to be taken lightly. The very fact that if the electrical wiring is not “constructed” as per the safety standards pertaining to such a task the consequence of a bad job will no doubt create a disaster. It’s precisely why EMJ Electrical is equipped with the main ingredients to a safe job, which are knowledge, expertise, creativity and responsibility. We adhere to all Australia Safety Standards pertaining to electrical wiring. Our Electricians are specifically trained to be vigilant when it comes to safety concerns. And this is the reason EMJ Electrical is in the forefront of electrical wiring projects; it’s our concern for your safety that matters.

Your Vision : Our Creation

Creation of electrical wiring is done with utmost precision and accuracy as electrical wiring has been our forte and we take pride in taking on your project as we know that we can handle it to your satisfaction and also provide you with a safe end product, that will leave you with a relaxed mind. Your job is in the correct hands when you employ EMJ Electrical. We understand your vision and create your job in blue print first and then according to your approval we will unravel your vision. This is our way of empathizing with you and creating boundaries to encompass you in safety.